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Dear Santa,


Stamping is something I love to do,
So I'm making a list just for you.
Pick one, two, or maybe pick three
Supplies and rubber stamps for me.


Clothes are nice, perfume is too!!!

But would you like to get me something

That my heart really desires?

Is going to town in the Christmas rush

 What you really want to do?
Save yourself the time and headaches!!

Just give Odette a ring by Nov 28th,

It’s that easy!!


I've been extra special and nice this year
So, I'd like to have some cool stamping gear.
Just call Odette to order from my list.
I really hope you are getting the gist


When the goodies arrive at her house for me,
She'll wrap them up, pretty as can be.
All you have to do is slip them under our tree.

And there you will have it – a gift just for me!


You don't have to go anywhere;
You can stay right at home.
Just contact Odette
By e-mail or by phone.
Avoid all the traffic
And shopping rush.
Just sit back, relax...
and order me STAMPS!!